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7:30pm: doing biochem notes!! really making sure i thoroughly understand each concept—i’ve never been the strongest at science but i’m working hard to get better!

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Study date has been going on for 4 hours now…although we did take an hour or so break…and laughed a lot.

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sunrise is one of the best calendars out there. i’ve tried using countless numbers of other calendar apps, but i found this to be the best one :)

1. it is universal and free!

sunrise calendar is free for android and ios. this app even has a mac and web version

you can install this app on all your devices and it will sync every 30 minutes or so

2. easy to use

3. syncs with facebook/google calendar

you won’t have to manually update every event which can be so annoying

download x

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Behavioral genetics exam is in four hours. Studying at my favorite cafe ♡

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pretty pictures/graphics are so important for me (especially in biology), they even kind of compensate for the unreadable handwriting :3

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Around four days left and it’s the day! I Feeling a little stressed now but all is well. I know I will miss these crazy, busy days of cramming. I almost got lazy there but I realized, this is like a foretaste of what’s coming in for me— crazy, busy days of juggling work and study. Time management is the key, I guess. :)

Anyways, this day has been productive so far. I have sent in my application for a chosen university since I got approved for the program already! *yey* For now, I shall humbly continue burying my nose in my books and solve countless accounting problems. *spoken like a true nerd* 

Remember guys, nothing worth having comes easy! Enjoy what you’re doing and do your best to excel! <3 

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Yesterday was the first day of my residency at @hurricaneisland - spent the day exploring the Coastal Trail and sketched some mushrooms!

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Coffee and politics with the girls 💫

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